Hoochie Bomb salmon spinners are blowing the competition away.Hoochie Bomb salmon spinners are blowing the competition away.

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Peak salmon season on the Washington coast is game on when it come to fishing spinners and nothing beats the Hoochie Bomb. Picture this H Bomb Pro-staffer Tyler Meholick puts things into perspective. “I stepped on the back with about 20 other guys all targeting coho”. “Literally four casts and three fish on the bank later suddenly everyone wanted to know what I was fishing?” “I told them all about the Hoochie Bomb. In particular the ‘Dazzler” This spinners has been a straight up salmon killer.”

“On one of our trips last week we landed over 24 fish with this spinner. The Hoochie bomb without a doubt is one of the most effective spinners I have ever fished.”


Not Convinced? Buy a Hoochie Bomb today and if your not satisfied send the spinner back for a full refund. But after you start blowing up the fishing holes you’ll never fish the big box store brands again.


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